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Thanks for Your Support

The Chitwanix project receives a great deal of support from its community of users and we would like to thank each and every contributor for participating.

It is very easy to make a difference. Depending on your skill set, your availability, and on your wealth you can help Chitwanix in one or more of the following ways:

Financial help


You can help by making a financial contribution to the project. Due to revenue from advertisements and your donations, the Chitwanix project can afford to buy dedicated servers, advertising campaigns, new hardware and equipment, and to provide an income for the development team.

Make a donation


By sponsoring Chitwanix, you will be contributing to Chitwanix by giving the development team a regular and predictable income. Sponsorships are the best way to help Chitwanix’s developers and artists get to the point where they are able to work full-time on Chitwanix-related projects.

Become a sponsor

Support and promotion

Joining the Community

Chitwanix isn’t just an operating system, it’s also a dynamic community of people who enjoy, gather, and interact with a free and open project. Whether it’s by helping others sort through issues, by making them feel welcome, by participating in community-driven projects (repositories, podcasts, artwork…etc) or simply by meeting and talking to other Chitwanix users, we recommend you join the community and participate in making Chitwanix better.

Helping others

If you have some spare time and you’re willing to help other users with technical problems, you should seriously consider reading the forums and/or joining the IRC channel and helping other Chitwanix users solve the problems you know how to fix.

Join the Chitwanix forums

Project contributions

Bug reports

If you’ve noticed something that doesn’t work properly while using Chitwanix, let us know. The problem you have discovered is likely to affect others as well; The sooner we know about it, the sooner we’re able to fix it.

Report a bug

New ideas

The vast majority of improvements included in each release come from the community. If there’s something that you think is missing or that could be done better, please tell us. Whether it’s the inclusion of a missing hardware driver, or a software application that should be part of a stock installation, or if you have any other ideas on how to make Chitwanix better, we’re always interested in hearing them.

Register a new idea


If you can read English and if you speak another language, you can help us translate Chitwanix. Your efforts will allow Chitwanix to fully support display in your language.

Translate Chitwanix in your language


If you are talented in graphic design and willing to contribute to the project, please send us your creations and artwork. Whether it’s a simple wallpaper, an icon set, a splash screen, or even a new logo, we’re always interested to hear from you about new artwork.

Register new artwork


Most of our development is done in Python and Glade. We also use Git for version control and APT/DEB for packaging. If you’re comfortable with these technologies, don’t hesitate to have a look at the code. If you think you can improve our applications or write new ones don’t hesitate to suggest patches or to fork our git repositories.

Fork/patch our source code