Jun 21

Hello world!


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Chitwanix OS is a Free and Open Source Operating system software developed from Chitwan, Nepal using Linux Kernel which is based on Free Open Source Software. Operating System software means the main software that operates our computer hardware and help to operate other application software according to user requirement. Very few people in Nepal use original Operating System and application software buying directly from vendor but 99% computer use pirated virus-injected cracked software from market with nominal price of Rs.100 per CD/DVD whose actual price is above Rs.10000. After wards they purchase and use license anti-virus software to protect the computer system which is already full of virus. Chitwanix OS released its first version with code name Kadey Vyakur (Spiny Babbler) on September 21st 2013 on the occasion of Software Freedom Day Celebration by FOSS Nepal Community from Kathmandu, Nepal. Chitwanix OS naming convention is based on Nepal recognizing object, place, animal, person name starting with Nepali Letters Ka (क) Kha(ख) Ga(ग) … variation with respective version. Chitwanix OS version 2.0 is in underdevelopment where side-wise, Chitwanix OS is also localizing into Nepali, Tharu, Newari, Gurung, Magar languages by communities.